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Float Therapy: Benefits On Sleep Patterns

On average, you spend about one-third of your time sleeping. Indeed, it is recommended that you sleep at least 8 hours per day for your body to function on its optimal condition.

During deep sleep or restorative sleep, the brain enters the theta wave state. The body restores and heals itself as the tissues and cells regenerate at a faster rate. This is why good sleep is often characterised by waking up feeling pleasantly refreshed and strengthened. After all, the human body is just like your phone: it needs to be recharged to operate more fully and effectively.

However, despite its necessity, a good night’s sleep is a rare and elusive thing. Our brain can have a hard time keeping up with the constant barrage of external stimuli and a continuous stream of information. As such, it takes longer for the brain to slow down its activity enough to lull us into slumber. This leads to problems in sleep patterns, such as insomnia.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways available that can help you improve your sleep patterns, one of which is float therapy.

Float therapy involves submerging yourself in a float tank, specially designed to detach the brain from outside stimuli. The lack of sensory experience inside the tank allows the brain to rest and unwind. This makes it easier for the brain to enter the theta wave state and start its restoration.

Additionally, repeated sessions of float therapy improve your homeostatic mechanisms, which enables the body to be on its top form. Stability in the homeostatic mechanisms leads to enhanced quality of life, as it regulates body temperature, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure.

Improve the quality of your sleep!

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