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Benefits of Sensory Deprivation

The benefits of sensory deprivation have been well documented. Treating everything from an improved sense of well being to relief from both chronic and acute pain, sensory deprivation can benefit almost anyone.

Relieve Pain

Removing the effects of gravity
allows for the release of musclar
tension and postural realignment

Reduce Stress

Step away from your daily stresses.
Floating induces a state of total
relaxation and peace

Highten Creativity

Reducing anxious thoughts and
distractions helps you enter a
creative flow state

Increase Focus

Total seperation from daily
distractions increases focus and
mental clarity, allowing for peak

Improve Sleep

The deep relaxation of the mind and
body that floating provides can
greatly reduce insomnia

Increase Energy

Floating can be a deeply restful and
rejuvinating experience, increasing
energy and mood levels

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. The water is filtered 3.75 times with Ultraviolet, Chemical and micron filters and we purify the water between every single use. Clean tanks are among our highest priorities.
A. Everything you need will be provided. If you wear contacts we recommend bringing a case for them.
A. Although floating can take some getting used to for the first time, most say it’s a very relaxing experience.
A. No special preparation is required. We recommend avoiding caffeine for 90 minutes before the float if possible. Also avoid shaving or waxing a couple days before floating, as the salty water can cause some stinging if it contacts irritated skin.
A. The water is quite shallow - between 230mm and 235mm deep. In addition, the super saturation of Epsom salt will let you float effortlessly with no special technique or know how.
A. If you are concerned about any medical condition, please consult with your doctor before floating. That being said, many doctors recommend floating for a variety of ailments.

Float Packages

Whether you just want to give floating a try or want to commit yourself to exploring sensory deprivation on a deeper level, we offer affordable packages that can make the benefits of floating available to most budgets.

Our most popular packages are listed below, but all options can be customized upon request. Just call us at 03 9870 4777 for more information.


Introductory Package: 3 Floats

Package of 3 hour long floats

Who Is It For?

Newcomers. It's best to start with several sessions to allow the effects to sink in.

Time: 3 Hours

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Single Float

A single hour long session

Who Is It For?

Anyone who wants to quickly relieve stress and reduce pain.

Time: 1 Hour

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Monthly memberships from
$65 per month

One monthly float for one

Who Is It For?

Those who want to experience the deepest benefits of floating, which require frequent use

Time: 12 Hours

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Float Therapy: Benefits On Sleep Patterns

On average, you spend about one-third of your time sleeping. Indeed, it is recommended that you sleep at least 8 hours per day for your body to function on its optimal condition.

During deep sleep or restorative sleep, the brain enters the theta wave state. The body restores and heals itself as the tissues and cells regenerate at a faster rate. This is why good sleep is often characterised by waking up feeling pleasantly refreshed and strengthened. After all, the human body is just like your phone: it needs to be recharged to operate more fully and effectively.

However, despite its necessity, a good night’s sleep is a rare and elusive thing. Our brain can have a hard time keeping up with the constant barrage of external stimuli and a continuous stream of information. As such, it takes longer for the brain to slow down its activity enough to lull us into slumber. This leads to problems in sleep patterns, such as insomnia.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways available that can help you improve your sleep patterns, one of which is float therapy.

Float therapy involves submerging yourself in a float tank, specially designed to detach the brain from outside stimuli. The lack of sensory experience inside the tank allows the brain to rest and unwind. This makes it easier for the brain to enter the theta wave state and start its restoration.

Additionally, repeated sessions of float therapy improve your homeostatic mechanisms, which enables the body to be on its top form. Stability in the homeostatic mechanisms leads to enhanced quality of life, as it regulates body temperature, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure.

Improve the quality of your sleep!

Visit our floatation therapy centre at Urban Float! Renew, revitalise and recharge with a safe and natural treatment for your health and wellness. With float therapy, both your mind and body will be taken care of.

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Floatation Therapy and the Health Benefits It Offers

Floatation therapy involves being submerged in a float tank that contains a highly concentrated Epsom salt solution. This solution increases the buoyancy levels, thus helping you float effortlessly. The float tank aids in achieving sensory deprivation, in which all external stimuli are removed to help you relax.

A float tank is completely soundproof and lightproof, and the temperature is moderated to remove the sensation on your skin as well. Thus, you will feel disconnected from the world around you, allowing your mind to focus on staying calm without any distractions.

The effects of floatation therapy on the body and the psyche can be best observed over a period of time. However, even an hour of floating can bring about interesting benefits. For instance, during a float therapy session, there will be a marked decrease in the levels of cortisone in the brain, thus relieving you of feeling stressed. Additionally, the calm and peaceful sensation during float therapy helps your brain enter the theta brainwave state. (more…)

How Float Therapy Can Help Working Mothers

Being a mother is the most respectable job in the world. It is, however, also a difficult and tiring responsibility. There’s no break when you are a mother; from the moment you bring a life into the world, you would then do your best to ensure that your child is cared for, loved and raised well. And though motherhood certainly feels fulfilling, there’s no denying that it comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility.

It even becomes more challenging when you’re a working mum. Aside from making sure your child’s needs are met, you also have to handle tasks at work. You have to perform a tough balancing act daily, and it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming and can lead to feeling stressed.

There are various relaxing activities suggested for mothers to relieve stress. One of the more unique and effective ones is float therapy. Float therapy involves getting in a float tank filled with a special Epsom salt solution. This solution helps you feel weightless and thus float without difficulty. Being in a float tank also takes away your sensory experience, freeing you from the external stimuli that contribute to rising stress levels.

Even just one session of float therapy can offer mothers their much-needed relaxation. Float therapy is just the gift mothers deserve: they’ll feel taken care of when they usually do the same for their children.

Several other benefits of float therapy are the following:

The complete freedom float tanks provide will be an amazing and reinvigorating experience for working mothers, who are so often constantly taking care of others both at home and at work. They will be able to focus inward and take care of themselves for once.

Ready to book your float therapy session?

Visit us at Urban Float! Our floatation therapy centre will act as your reprieve, and after your session, you’ll get back out to the real world feeling more refreshed and energised than ever!

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Reasons To Include Float Therapy In Your Routine

In the pursuit of your daily goals, it is easy to neglect taking care of yourself first. The immense pressure balancing work and home can often lead you to feel stressed or burned out. This calls for some much needed self-care!

There are several ways to unwind and de-stress but one of the best ways to invigorate your mental, physical and emotional state is including float therapy which will help you maintain a healthy life. Read on to learn how float therapy is beneficial for your body:


Benefits Of Epsom Salt, The Special Ingredient In Float Therapy

The float tank used for float therapy contains a highly concentrated Epsom salt solution. With the presence of salt, buoyancy levels increase, thus making you float effortlessly.

Now you might ask, why do float tanks need Epsom salt specifically? Aren’t all salts practically the same, making you more buoyant? There’s a reason it is far easier to float in salt water-based bodies such as seas than freshwater-based bodies such as lakes, after all.


Managing Your Stress Through Float Therapy

Often today’s society thrives on performance and often we feel competitive in our tasks and sometimes end up competing with ourselves. We look for validation from how other people perceive us. In our pursuit of approval from our peers, we forget to take care of ourselves. This way of thinking leads to an increase in our stress levels, draining us physically, mentally and emotionally. (more…)

Ins & Outs Of Sensory Deprivation

Sensory deprivation is the deliberate reduction of stimuli from one or more senses. Small-scale and simple sensory deprivation can involve the use of blindfolds and earmuffs to cut off sight and hearing. More complex methods can successfully cut off the sense of taste, smell, touch, heat and even gravity. This level of sensory deprivation can be achieved through an isolation tank or sensory deprivation tank. (more…)

Unwind On Weekends With Floatation Therapy

Weekends are a time for you to relax, unwind and let go of all your worries after a week’s hard toil. If you’d like to switch into relaxed mode even more effectively why not try a float, so your stress can just drift away?

Floatation therapy reduces stress, makes it easier to relax and is a great way of making sure you really do your best to recharge when you have downtime. This therapy can be combined with other approaches too to maximise the effect. Here are a few other great ways of relieving stress and recharging so that the benefit of your float is multiplied. (more…)

Practising Mindfulness To Strengthen Mental Health

Mindfulness is the psychological process of focusing on the present environment and centring yourself so that you feel relaxed and centred. Mindfulness can be achieved through meditation and other methods, such as float therapy. With mindfulness, you become fully aware of the present moment and experience it wholly, without distractions. Being mindful enables you to reflect on your thoughts more clearly, thus improving your mental and emotional health. (more…)

Salt Therapy: What Is It And What Does It Do?

Whilst salt therapy has gained popularity recently as an alternative natural therapy for cleansing the airways and aiding the treatment of skin conditions.