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The Float Tank Experience

After checking in, you will be guided to a private room with a shower and a float tank. You will be left alone in the room to shower, and then enter the tank at your leisure.

The tank is a light and sound controlled environment that reduces or eliminates stimulation of all senses. 1000 liters of water has been super-saturated with 800 kg of Epsom salts so you can float atop the water effortlessly, which removes even the sensation of gravity. The resulting environment allows you to be completely free of distractions and worries.

How Does It Work

The stimulus free environment relieves muscular tension, allows blood to circulate more freely and lowers cortisol levels to improve your mood, among many other benefits. This puts you in a state of deep relaxation, profound introspection, and heightened creativity.

Who Is Floating For?

Studies have shown this experience to have a positive impact on the mental well being and physical health of users in their daily lives. Athletes can use our tanks to relieve both acute and chronic pain. Artists can use them to unlock heightened levels of creativity. Anyone with a stressful life at work or home can float to decrease stress and increase focus. Or you may want to use it to boost your mood and sense of well being.

Benefits of Sensory Deprivation

The benefits of sensory deprivation have been well documented. Treating everything from an improved sense of well being to relief from both chronic and acute pain, sensory deprivation can benefit almost anyone.

Relieve Pain

Removing the effects of gravity
allows for the release of musclar
tension and postural realignment

Reduce Stress

Step away from your daily stresses.
Floating induces a state of total
relaxation and peace

Highten Creativity

Reducing anxious thoughts and
distractions helps you enter a
creative flow state

Increase Focus

Total seperation from daily
distractions increases focus and
mental clarity, allowing for peak

Improve Sleep

The deep relaxation of the mind and
body that floating provides can
greatly reduce insomnia

Increase Energy

Floating can be a deeply restful and
rejuvinating experience, increasing
energy and mood levels


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. The water is filtered 3.75 times with Ultraviolet, Chemical and micron filters and we purify the water between every single use. Clean tanks are among our highest priorities.
A. Everything you need will be provided. If you wear contacts we recommend bringing a case for them.
A. Although floating can take some getting used to for the first time, most say it’s a very relaxing experience.
A. No special preparation is required. We recommend avoiding caffeine for 90 minutes before the float if possible. Also avoid shaving or waxing a couple days before floating, as the salty water can cause some stinging if it contacts irritated skin.
A. The water is shallow enough to stand in. In addition, the super saturation of Epsom salt will let you float effortlessly with no special technique or know how.
A. If you are concerned about any medical condition, please consult with your doctor before floating. That being said, many doctors recommend floating for a variety of ailments.

Float Tank

Float Tank

The Most Crucial Benefits That A Float Tank Has To Offer

Flotation therapy has grown in popularity and thanks to various medical advances, there are a wide range of patients from a number of different backgrounds who are allowing themselves to enjoy the benefits. While most are already well aware of the benefits that pertain to mental relaxation and the release of endorphins, what are some of the other effects?

Let's take a closer look at some of the most crucial benefits that a float tank can provide to, especially the advantages that may not be as obvious to the average patient. Be sure to read on and learn more about the following advantages that you may not have taken the time to consider before.

Getting Rid of Tension Headaches

According to recent university studies, one of the best ways to tame tension headaches and make them a thing of the past is by undergoing float tank related therapy. This form of treatment is considered to be a long lasting cure for tension headaches and is also thought to be very versatile. If you are experiencing tightness in the neck and shoulders that contributes to these headaches, flotation therapy also works well to reduce these problems.

Curing Insomnia

Do you find yourself struggling to get a good night's sleep? Are you someone who constantly finds themselves tossing and turning all night? If so, you will need to undergo flotation based therapies in order to make this issue a complete and total thing of the past. Floating has been proven to address this all too common issue and will allow you to start sleeping much better in the future.

Reduction of Blood Pressure

A spike in blood pressure can lead to any number of additional problems and while you may wish to seek out a more conventional form of medicine for this issue, flotation therapy will significantly reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks for patients of all ages. Even if you are a younger patient who is experiencing a normal range of blood pressure, it never hurts to be as proactive as possible.

Increased Sense of Peace

The relaxation that this form of therapy provides cannot be understated by any means. Patients who allow themselves to undergo therapy such as this are placing themselves in a far more advantageous position going forward. The more relaxation you experience, the easier it becomes to avoid stress. Those who participate in flotation therapies on a regular basis are far more likely to enjoy elevated moods and reduce their levels of cortisol production.

Enhanced Muscle Recovery

Patients who enjoy remaining active and competing in various sporting events tend to benefit greatly from the use of a float tank. When we participate in extremely grueling or strenuous physical activities, our bodies experience a massive buildup of lactic acid. By reducing the level of lactic acid that is allowed to build up, we are doing everything in our power to speed up our own recoveries. When we take the time to reduce our level of soreness, we are able to get back to our favorite activities more quickly.


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